Our Service

Altom Insco Utama provides comprehensive NDT services to customers throughout Indonesia. We operate too many areas throughout the country equipped to provide material analysis and parts inspection as well as field examination.

Our inspectors are very well trained and highly dedicated with qualifications to provide the best services. They maintain the highest standards of safety and possess the experience to handle field activity matters. Altom provides 24-hour services, 7 days a week, ready to service our customer’s needs all across Indonesia.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Altom provides a line of Magnetic Testing services that meet your requirements.
Magnetic Particle Applications.

  • Rig Equipment
  • Small and Large Production Part
  • Various Structures
  • Casting Materials
  • Engine Components

Magnetic Particle Applications

  • Yokes
  • Coils
Particle Liquid Examination

Altom has a complete line of Penetrant services to meet your requirements. Through this effective and low-cost method service we will locate surface-breaking defects in nonporous materials, typically for non-ferrous metal, plastic, or ceramic component.

Penetrant Applications

  • Rig Equipments
  • Small and Large Scale prosuction part
  • Various Structure
  • Casting Materials
  • Engine Components

Systems, Tools and Techniques

  • Visible Dye (Color Contras) Penetran
  • Visible Liquid Penetrant
  • Flourescent Liquid Penetrant
  • Water Washable Penetrany
Visual Thread Inspection

Altom’s highly qualified and certified visual inspection team can provide a range of visual inspection services for your operations such as API 7G or DS-1. We have personnel available for dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VTI Applications

  • Downhole Equipment/ Drill String

Systems, Tools, and Techniques

  • UV Lamp (Spectroline)
  • Coil (New Tech)

We adopt the latest codes and procedures Standards Guide for Visual Thread Inspection API RP 7G and DS 1.

Load Test Inspection

Hanging scales and crane overload indicators for weighing during lifting, overload detection, force measurement, cable tension control, traction / load test, and measuring.

Load test applications

  • Pad Eyes (Containers, Baskets, Box, etc.)
  • Wire Rope Sling
  • Shackle
  • Sheave Wheel
  • Hanger
  • Chain

Systems, Tools, and Techniques

  • 20 Ton Load Cell (Ron Dynamometer)
  • 50 Ton Load Cell (Ron Dynamometer)
Tubular Inspection

Altom is able to inspect Workstring and Bottom Hole Assembly Components according to T.H. Hill Standard DS-1, API RP 7G, and/or client specifications. In the past few years, we have carried out inspection Various Size Drill pipes, Heavyweight, Drill collars, and various sizes of pup joints. We maintain a broad database of tubular inventory that spans or over a few years.

Systems, Tools, and Techniques

1. Systems, Tools, and Techniques

  • Pre Cleaning
  • UT Wall Thickness
  • MPI Upset
  • OD Gauge
  • Dimensional

2. Wet MPI on Tool Joints

3. Shoulder re-facing

4. Visual Thread

5. Re-Doping

  • Color Coding
  • Running EMI
  • Visual Thread
  • Visual Body
  • Color Coding
OCTG Inspection Service and Maintenance

Altom is able to inspection service and maintenance Casing / Tubing according to API Spec/Recommended Practice (5CT,5C1,5A5 etc) and/or client specifications.